What to Look for in a Custom Stationer: Part One

In the cluttered world of weddings and events, stationery options are abundant. DIY, online stationery shops, Minted, Etsy, brick and mortar stationery shops, custom stationers—just to name a few. Each has its advantages, and the choice among them is frequently impacted by the event’s stationery budget. While custom stationers are certainly not the lowest cost option, the benefits of using one are numerous. A custom stationer provides a personal client experience and a stationery product unique to each event.

Custom stationers, however, rarely, if ever, have regular catalogs sent to clients’ homes, multiple storefronts across the country, and instant name recognition. What then should a prospective client do to find a custom stationer she can trust and work with for her special event? Over the next month or so, we’re going to explore the traits you should look for when choosing a designer for your custom stationery project.

One of the most important qualities to look for is professionalism. A stationer should treat your stationery project just like larger, national companies do—and then some. 

Promptness and reliability

Stationery designers are creative people. And creative people think outside the box. They find inspiration in unconventional places, and they thrive in flexible, right-brained environments. However, when your event (particularly a wedding) is quickly approaching and carries a to-do list consisting of so much more than just stationery, you need someone you can count on. Look for a custom stationer who has quick response times, is prompt to calls and meetings, and is reliable. You should trust that your panic moment over envelope liners or how to address a tricky envelope to your aunt and uncle who are both doctors with different last names will be handled quickly. 

At Society Paper Goods, we have a background in account management and agency work. So, we understand the need to be prompt and available!

Clear process and time management skills

As we previously mentioned, creatives love flexible environments—ones where they are free to think and come up with new ideas. This shouldn’t leave you in the dark or have you wondering when you’ll see the next round of your wedding stationery. Don’t hesitate to ask your custom stationer the following:

  • How do you work within a timeline?
  • Do you have a standard process for review and revisions?
  • How quickly can you turnaround my custom stationery project?

Given our prior experience in account management, we actually LOVE timelines and processes. We won’t bore you with all the details unless you ask or want to visit the “Details” page on our site. Just know that we set timelines for each individual project and will follow the same process regardless of the project's size—and we'll be sure you know about all of it before we start anything.

Memorable presentation

When we say presentation, we aren’t thinking PowerPoint! Instead, we're talking about the way a designer presents himself or herself. Is your first impression a good one? Can you see photos and examples of past work? Do you have a strong sense for the designer’s aesthetic?

Visiting a custom stationer’s website and meeting in person can tell you a lot about his or her ability to execute effectively on your design project. A clear, cohesive message accompanied by a portfolio of work that clearly showcases a distinct style can be crucial. The absence of these characteristics certainly doesn’t mean the designer can’t deliver, but you might feel a little in the dark about what you’ll actually receive at the end of your project. 

In our case, we’ve tried to eliminate any questions about who we are and the work we do by featuring past projects on our site and describing our look and feel. But if you still want to know more or would like to contact us about your custom stationery project, we’d love to hear from you! You can contact us by visiting the “Contact” page.

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